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ANDDOS – National Association against Sexual Orientation Discrimination – is a non-profit association founded in July 2012 thanks to the efforts of Private Clubs and LGBT Associations in Italy. ANDDOS is affiliated to Entes (Ente Nazionale Trattenimenti Enogastronomia e Sport) 

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It is the aim of ANDDOS to guarantee a positive image of homosexuality and homosexuals in society, as well as to uphold the civil rights and freedoms of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersexuals and heterosexuals. The realization of LGBTs, is by necessity, an outcome of the struggle against prejudice and racism still present in society, but also through the presence of a network of solidarity that can accompany and encourage the individual. One of ANDDOS ‘s main objectives, is therefore, to encourage and give its support to the creation of safe environments, which can bring together persons who would otherwise be marginalized and socially isolated. Here they can share experiences, be welcomed, find protection, openly reveal their sexuality, and through interaction with others find the courage to ‘come out’ and participate in the social and political life of the LGBT community, and where information on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases can be widely accessible to a large number of people, to compensate for insufficient information and news from institutions and the Italian media.

One of ANDDOS ‘s missions is to safeguard health.

Unfortunately, in our society there are numerous discriminations: ‘homo’ – ‘straight’, ‘white – black’, ‘male – female’, etc… However, there is another discrimination that is all too often undervalued: ‘healthy – diseased’. The LGBT community should not have to tolerate such discrimination and ANDDOS has a duty to give out precise information, through the various media and within its own communities, regarding sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and designate part of its resources, in synergy with affiliated clubs, to the realization of effective projects of awareness on such issues. All this in the knowledge that to live freely and openly one’s sexuality is to be happier and therefore healthier, even on a psychological level. One of the first projects is to set in motion and sustain over time a massive distribution of condoms, through the Head Offices of affiliated associations.

To realize the objectives above, ANDDOS . supports the creation of Private Clubs and Recreation Centres, Associations and Political Committees, to which it will offer ideological, technical-administrative and legal assistance, and will designate economic resources to initiatives that are compatible with its own social objectives, thus becoming a link between different Italian realities.

All the Affiliated Associations, Recreation Centres, Clubs and Committees, that are part of ANDDOS, have adopted the same form of membership, by subscribing to the ANDDOS network.

By subscribing to ANDDOS the member automatically becomes part of the ANDDOS network, and admission to all the centres that are part of the circuit (with the exception of ONE CLUB) and can enjoy the expected benefits and advantages.

The ANDDOS CARD is more than just an identification card. It gives the holder access to a network and the right to discounts, benefits, rewards and advantages, under the terms that ANDDOS agrees to with its partners, so as to create a system of mutual support. You can view, on this website, a list of ANDDOS partners .

Subscription to ANDDOS . can only be through one of its Affiliated Associations and is regulated by the respective Private Clubs, Recreation Centres Associations and Committees that have joined ANDDOS

The subscriber who makes a request to join must provide personal data (A VALID IDENTITY CARD OR PASSPORT MUST BE SHOWN), which will be handled by ANDDOS according to legislation regarding personal data (c.d. PRIVACY). You are invited to view on line general information on the processing of personal data.

Subscriptioin to ANDDOS is for an unlimited period of time and membership can be refused as per the terms of the statute. The subscription quota is obligatory and ANDDOS requires its members to contribute annually to its capital stock. ANDDOS ., in line with similar organizations, will determine the membership quota on the basis of the services required.


Within the limits of the statute each member is free to decide the amount to pay without losing any membership rights. What differs will be the level of access to the services offered by the One Pass network. The aim of this is to promote the widest possible membership, by recognizing individual needs.

allclubsANDDOS – ALL CLUBS (starting from 17€)

ANDDOS – ALL CLUBS is the most popular and allows the holder, as a member of ANDDOS admission to all the Affiliated Associations in Italy and to participate in their activities. This card allows the holder to enjoy all the benefits of the ANDDOS Card network for 365 days (one solar year) from the date of subscription or rewnewal.To subscribe you need to apply to one of the Association’s centres and be in possession of a valid identity card.

oneclubANDDOS – ONE CLUB (starting from 10€ valid only in the club to which you subscribed

ANDDOS – ONE CLUB is an ANDDOS. membership card for those who participate in the activities of the single club to which they have subscribed. This pass gives the holder the right to enjoy all the benefits of the ANDDOS Card network, for 365 days (one solar year) from the date of subscription or renewal. ONE CLUB cards can only be exchanged for ALL CLUBS. To subscribe you need to apply to one of the Association’s centres and be in possession of a valid identity card. Membership rights and duties:

Within ANDDOS all members are free, mutually supportive and equal. Through the Affiliated Associations, members participate democratically in the ANDDOS community.

The rights of the members are:

– to participate in activities promoted by the association

– to contribute to the realization of the association’s aims

– to elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the association

Members are required to:

– adhere to the statute, rules and the decisions of the governing body of ANDDOS

– pay the membership quota within the established time limit

– delegate to the association’s statutory body the resolution of internal controversies.

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